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Beaumont Landscape Award
Posted on Nov 12th, 2013

The US Department of Agriculture states that one young, healthy tree has a net cooling effect equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day and that multiple trees absorb tons of CO2 every year in a community.
The project’s scope included removing all the remaining sugar maples from the street medians of Beaumont Center Lane and replacing with a variety of 100 new hardwoods and ornamental trees. Unfortunately, the original sugar maples were in poor condition caused by sun scald and decay fungi growing on their trunks as a result of bark splitting. Because of the large size of the declining trees and remaining stumps, the Association’s contractors had to go to great lengths to remove the large root systems and bring in new topsoil to replant large 2-3" caliper trees. Replacing with hardy new tree species better adapted to their harsh street median environment has paid off in a diverse landscape that will beautify our community for many years to come
To complete the $80,000 improvement project along Beaumont Center Lane, local contractors along with a local Boy Scout volunteer effort replaced (35) 9-foot tall evergreens, (20) 2.5" Red Maples / Red Oaks and landscaped two focal beds at the intersection of Beaumont Centre Lane and Beaumont Centre Circle. They were constructed with contoured beds creating a distinct and beautiful entrance to the residential area which boasts year-round interest by featuring different height, textures and color.